Can’t believe another Christmas has gone…the lead up is so busy, and then just like that, it’s all over!

This is how our day went…

It started early with walking the dogs before the forecast heat kicked it….it is lovely on the coast at this time as it is before the hordes from Melbourne descent on the towns…so quiet and peaceful…


However, it wasn’t that nice walking this particular morning as the wind was blowing a gale, making you feel like you were fighting against a sand blaster!

But the furkids got their walk and a swim, before we all headed back to the house.


Next on the list was waiting for Santa Claus to come past on a fire engine…not sure how long this tradition has been going on, but for as long as I can remember, I have never missed seeing him if we are on the coast for Christmas.

You can hear the siren coming as he makes his way through the streets….and I have to see him…it’s a sort of a superstitious thing for me now!


And to make things even more poignant, once Santa and his helpers had finished on this Christmas Day, they were off to help fight the bushfire which is burning out of control along the Great Ocean Road.

Next was present time, and I think the furkids had more fun then we did opening their presents!

They are both champion shredders…


Once all the debris was cleaned up, my husband and I headed up the highway to pick up my father in law…about a 90 min round trip.

I am still not used to traveling on Christmas Day, as we used to just stay in one spot, so I am always surprised to see how much traffic is on the road…so many people rushing from one gathering to the next.

By the time we got back, the temperature had risen to the mid 30s and it was hot….thankfully, we have good aircon, so our festivities were able to continue in the cool interior.

Although I love the heat, and I had the perfect Christmas outfit this year…a summer dress made in Melbourne by Miss Lily White, which featured a Christmas dog print…there are even some terriers.

I love it!


We don’t have a traditional Christmas meal any more due to food allergies/intolerances….but I admit that I really miss the home made Christmas pudding and brandy sauce so strong you could run a car on it.

But we make it fun and easy by putting together our own meat skewers….choose your own ingredients…I am a big pineapple fan…


All our creations are then cooked on the BBQ…no hot oven required…


I made everyone wear Christmas headbands…selection was via a lucky dip and by chance, mine suited my Christmas outfit perfectly!


Dessert was a large tray of fruit….


With lunch over, we all retired to relax until dinner…some were a little more relaxed then others.


It was a beautiful still evening, complete with a full moon, but we were very aware that not that far away from us, was a raging bushfire causing property loss, damage and chaos.

We were perfectly safe, but our thoughts were with those affected by the fire, and those who are trying to bring it under control.

As the sunset, we gathered outside to watch the night roll in…another Christmas celebrated…only 364 days till the next one…


How was your Christmas Day? Did you have a run around crazy sort or nice and relaxed?