Last night, I got hit by a real doozy of a headache…a throbbing, eye watering migraine.

I haven’t had one like this for months, so it is a little disappointing that one has snuck in under my guard…and medication.

I took my stronger meds, got my lavender essential oil out, and got some sleep, but woke this morning to find it still had a hold…dammit.

It does worry me a bit as I used to get auras, with just a woozy head afterwards…now, I don’t get an aura, just a thumping headache, which I guess can be termed a migraine.

Thankfully, I haven’t progressed to having to sit in a dark room etc…but it does make me feel pretty awful.

Not sure what has caused this attack…my headaches never seem to have any rhyme or reason.

Maybe its the low pressure system we have sitting over us at the moment…the Antarctic Vortex which is basically freezing southern Australia!

This is what Melbourne looked like yesterday…today is marginally better as it isn’t raining…actually cancel that, it has just started to rain…


It is the right sort of day to cuddle up on the couch, and not venture out into the cold…but I am useless at sitting still, not doing anything.

Despite my health issues, I hate being in bed…I have to be half dead not to at least get up to have a shower, get dressed, albeit in comfy clothes, and drag myself onto the couch.

I just don’t like wasting time…and this “head in a vice” feeling prevents me from working, reading, writing…doing anything.

I just have to try and sleep it off…and drink water.

And despite usually having some posts planned, I don’t have one for today…yep, this daily blogger was caught out.

So apologies, this is all I can do for today…even looking at a screen is uncomfortable.

And now, if you will excuse me, the couch and a nice cup of tea are calling me…normal transmission will resume shortly.

Do you suffer from migraines and headaches? If you have any tips you would like to share on how to cope with them, I would love to know…please share in the comments below!