Back in September, I came across some online conversation about Frocktober, and immediately did a little research.

I discovered that Frocktober was all about frocking up to raise funds for ovarian cancer research….to develop an early detection test for this particularly insidious cancer.

Without any hesitation, I signed up to take part with my challenge being to wear 31 dresses in 31 days.

I also am honoured to be a Frocktober Ambassador for this year’s event!

Today is Day 26, and I am rather embarrassed to say that I have now worn 26 different dresses…and yes, I have five more ready for the last few days.

I guess this means that I have a bit of a frock addiction…vintage, op shop, new…I love them all!

So I am going to finish Frocktober 2015 as I began it…in a frock…but you will have to wait and see what the last one will be!

Frocking up has been great fun…I have loved deciding what dress to wear each day…but now I need your help!

My fund raising goal is $700 and I am sadly just under half way…


Did you know that every ten hours, one woman will die from this cancer in Australia…that is 2 every day…

Many believe that this cancer will be picked via a pap smear, but the scary fact is that there is no early detection test…yep, you read right…and what makes this even worse is that often there are no symptoms until its too late.

If you can spare even just a few dollars, you are supporting research into developing a test to pick this cancer up early, and save lives.

A big thank you to those who have donated…I appreciate every cent, and you are supporting a very worthy and important cause.

I am going to complete the frocking up challenge with flying colours…it will mean so much more if I can achieve my fundraising goal as well!

To donate, just click on the logo below…thank you! xx


Are you doing Frocktober 2015? What has been your challenge?