I have a curious mind, and as I have got older, I am trying to live each moment, and grab every opportunity with both hands.

But there are some things in this life that I know I will never experience, but that doesn’t stop me from wondering what they would be like.

Here are five…

1. What is it like to fly like the wind?

Ok, I admit it…I love the movie, Top Gun…I still listen to the sound track and I feel the need, the need for speed!

And then I discovered air shows, and experienced the rush and power of the jets…that booming sound…

But I have always wandered what it was like to actually be in a jet aircraft…to see the earth fly past faster then the speed of sound.


2. What is it like to be a lead in a popular musical?

We have seen some fabulous musicals, my favourite being Strictly Ballroom, and the current production of Les Miserables.

How amazing it must be to sing one of those stirring and emotional songs, and have the audience hang on every note.

And I wonder what it would be like having to perform each night, sometimes even twice in one day…it must take so much energy

4. What would it be like to write a best seller book?

I love writing for this blog, but I don’t consider myself a writer as such….my main, very obscure claim to fame is a 40,000 thesis I wrote for my Masters in Education…doubt anyone else but me and my lecturers would have even glanced at it.

So I wonder what it is like to wander past a book shop, and see something you have created sitting on display?

And to see your creation on the best seller list…maybe even hitting number one…

It must be strange yet thrilling to know that many strangers are reading and absorbing your words…that you are taking all these readers on a journey.

So powerful…

4. What would it be like to be able to travel the world at whim?

I used to love traveling but have become very much a home body nowadays for two reasons…because I don’t like leaving the furkids for too long, and the fact I have to be so careful with food due to severe food allergies.

But I do wonder how the other half live…what it would be like to have a plane at your disposal, or be able to travel at the pointy end of the aircraft…no waiting lines, no having to plan a holiday budget…and no worrying about eating something in case you get sick…some people can travel with their own personal chefs!

This is a world that I definitely won’t ever experience, but it doesn’t stop me from wondering…and living vicariously through travel accounts on Instagram!

5. What is it like to perform live for thousands of adoring fans?

As a musician, I would love to know what it is like to stand in front of so many people, who are all there because of you…how on earth do you not freeze in fright?

How weird is it to hear your voice and/or instrument broadcast out across an arena or stadium…and do you ever lose the wonder of it all?

I have performed a solo in front of an orchestra…but that was just at a school concert, albeit in a large hall.

And once the nerves had settled, I loved it…so much so I went on to do a music degree.

I have performed in bands since, but not as a soloist, and never in front of such a huge crowd.

The adrenaline of walking out in front of thousands of screaming fans must be off the scale…


So there you go….five things I will wonder about for the rest of my life…oh well, a girl can still dream!

Do you have any experience that you wonder what it would be like? Have you ever experienced any of these 5 things?

Please share in the comments below…