We all get old but it seems as we do, we lose some of our common sense. We watch others get old, and swear we will never be like that…but how quickly we forget!

So I am putting this out on the interwebs in a hope that I will remember these points when I get old…


Knowing when it is time

Getting old means changes…not all of them are welcome, but it happens to all  of us.

The trick is to know when it is time to adjust to the changes…becoming less independent and giving up things we enjoy is not something we want to do, but to put it bluntly, that’s life.

One very import decision is knowing when it is time to stop driving…I had one elderly relative who made the decision themselves, quite happily handed their keys over, and sold their car.

Then I had another who insisted on driving well beyond when they should have, in a sports car…I admire the continual need for speed, but the reality is it was scary for us as a family, because of the worry that they would not only hurt themselves, but someone else.

Keep active in mind and body

This is something that we should keep in mind at any age, but as we get older, we tend to slow down.

I want to keep moving for as long as possible…hopefully I will be like my nan who went to the gym everyday at the care home she lived in to do her exercises.

And I want to keep my brain as active as possible too…I hope I never lose my interest in new technology and my thirst for learning!

You are never too old to learn!

Ask for Help

Don’t be too proud to ask for help…it is not a sign of weakness!

I am guilty of this now…I struggle with something for ages, finally ask for help, and everything is resolved quickly and I wonder why I left it so long!

The fact is some things do become too hard as you get older…in fact, some things are just too dangerous for an older person, such as cleaning the roof gutters or lifting heavy objects!

There are many services available to the aged community, such as Meals on Wheels, gardening and cleaning.

I figure why waste time on things like these if you don’t want to, when you can get some assistance.

One thing we noticed with our elderly relatives who lived alone, that they were usually houseproud, but then things started to go unnoticed as they got older and their health deteriorated…I hate that old people’s house smell…musty, dusty, dirty…

I want to remember to not have an “I can do everything myself” attitude as it may end up with painful, or even worse, consequences.

Think clever…be smart!

Don’t leave it too late for important decisions

We don’t have kids to look after us as we get older, so we won’t have the luxury of having someone to look out for us as the years advance.

However, I feel being part of life decisions is important, and I don’t want to leave it too late and end up being stuck somewhere we hate.

Someone I know who is widowed and in their 60s, has recently made the decision to move into a facility where they can have their own unit, but if they require, there is the ability to move into a higher care place in the future.

They are still working and very active but they want to be in control of where they live now and in their old age…a very wise decision.

Planning ahead means you have some control of what will happen, rather then leaving everything till the time that a decision has to be made in haste…or without your wishes.

Be Young for as long as possible

I have an elderly relative who has no real concept of being old…which included sneaking away on a cruise with a friend when she was in her late 80s.

I want to be like her…I don’t want to be boring in my old age…I want to continue to dress up and hold onto my particular style for as long as possible.

I don’t want to shut the door on the world and hide away.

I may go somewhat slower, but I don’t want to stop…you are a long time dead, so every day counts!

And that My Friday Five list…feel free to remind me of these points in the future…in fact, I am counting on you to do exactly that!

What do you want to remember when you get old….share in the comments below!