I  am pretty good at giving new things a try, but sometimes, I have to admit defeat and move onto more achievable goals!

Failing isn’t a bad thing in these cases…it’s just a matter of accepting that some things are not going to be my forte, and to move onto those that are!

For My Friday Five this week, I am listing five things I have failed miserably at…although I can assure you, it wasn’t through lack of trying!


I have tried this a couple of times, but just never got further then a few metres without falling off.

I even had some lessons in New Zealand…perfect conditions with plenty of snow, but I was so bad, my instructor gave up on me….so did my travelling companions…they went off and enjoyed snowboarding while I stayed at the lodge!

To be honest, my balance is not the best so having two feet stuck onto a board on a slippery surface is probably not going to work!



I am absolutely hopeless with numbers…I was bad when a student, and it hasn’t improved as I got older..in fact, I have got worse.

I did what we called “Veggie Maths” at school and barely passed.

Thank goodness for calculators…which I now have conveniently on my iGadgets…otherwise I would be totally stuck!

It also doesn’t help that I am also very bad at remembering number sequences such as phone numbers…I will inevitably turn some of the sequence around.

Music Theory

The above point about numbers may be why I failed at music theory.

In my past life, I completed a university music degree….sailed through performance and subjects such as music history, but when it came to theory…forget it!

Tried everything to get the information into my head…in the end I think they passed me just to get rid of me!

But it meant I struggled when I used to teach instrumental music…I was ok until about Grade 3 theory…luckily, I mainly taught primary school aged kids.


Now this one is probably more psychological then physical, but I always feel so uncoordinated when I run.

I feel like a band that can’t play in time…the rhythm is just not right….I feel clumsy, awkward…

It’s annoying as my husband runs and enjoys it…I would love to join him.


There definitely seems to be a bit of a sports theme with this list…and here is another one that I have failed miserably at…diving.

As a kid, I spent hours at my grandparents pool, trying to dive properly…just never managed it.

Hence the reason why I became good at backstroke…no diving required!

So there you have it…five things that I am just never going to be good at. But this doesn’t worry me…there are plenty of other things I can do and there are always new things to try!

Is there anything you fail miserably at? Share in the comments below…