Our lives can become so busy nowadays…on the go the whole time with days just whizzing past us.

And in our rush, we tend to forget to enjoy the simple things in life.

So for My Friday Five this week, I have selected some simple things in life that I love…

The Feel of Fresh Sheets

I just love that feeling of snuggling up into bed in fresh sheets, especially those that have been air dried out in the sun.

And even better, I love the feel and smell of brand new sheets, so much so that I do tend to buy sheets sets more often then required…


The First Signs of Spring

I am a summer girl and hate dread dark, dreary winter days, so I get excited when the first signs of warmer weather appear…in particular, daffodils.

I just adore daffodils…such a cheerful flower!


Furkid Greeting

Those of you with dogs will understand why I love this..nothing is better then coming home after a long day, and being greeted with a furkid or two who are beside themselves to see you home.

Even if you are only out for an hour, the joyous greeting is the same..a pure, unconditional love which we treasure every minute of!


The Smell of Salt Air

I wish I lived by the beach, but sadly we are city bound a while yet, however we are lucky to have a coastal hideaway which we can visit anytime we like.

I just love opening the car door when we arrive, and breathing in the salt air…it feels so cleansing that I wish I could bottle it and take some home with me!


A random, Unexpected Compliment

This is something I am still not quite used to, but love it when it happens online or in real life…especially if I am having a rough day.

It makes me realise just how much a compliment can brighten someone’s day, so I try to do the same whenever I can!


What are some of the simple things in life that you love? Share in the comments below…