Our little Miss Charlotte is a pocket rocket Cairn Terrier…she was tiny as a pup, but she had stacks of attitude….and that hasn’t changed!

I grew up with two Cairns, and we have Bill, our older Cairn, so I know what this breed is all about, however each one has had their own unique characteristics.

So for this week’s My Friday Five, I list some quirks that are specific to our little Miss…


She will yawn a hundred times a day if not more, and her yawns are often accompanied with a hilarious sound effect.

We now rank her efforts from 1 to 10…1 being silent, to 10 which is full throttle!


Sleeping Upside Down

It’s funny how some dogs will do this, and others won’t. Bill has never done it, yet Charlotte has slept upside down since she was a pup.

I love it when she does…not only is it mega cute, but it shows how safe and loved she feels.

Upside Down

Playing with her food

Charlotte can sometimes take or leave food…unlike Bill who woofs it down.

So sometimes she will take a chunk from her plate, run somewhere else…usually onto carpet.. and play with it!

Playing involves throwing it up in the air and barking at it.

Eventually she might eat it, or her brother will….or she leaves it right where we will stand on it…


She is the smallest in the house, but this dog can snore…complete with multiphonics (our musician friends will understand what this means!).


Playing hard to get

She loves a walk…really loves a walk…but lately she has decided to turn get getting her harness and lead on into a game. If we don’t be a bit sneaky and grab her before she realises a walk is about to happen, we can spend a good 15 mins or so trying to catch her!


Do your furkids have any unique characteristics? Please share in the comments below!