Continuing on with my educational tea posts…this week’s My Friday Five looks at some myths about tea!

Silver Needles tea

Tea comes in many varieties

False…tea all comes from one plant, the camellia sinesis plant.

A little while ago, I wrote about the different types of tea…but they all come from that one same plant!

The difference is to do with how and where the plant is grown, how and when the leaves are picked, and the processing etc etc etc…

Herbal tea is tea

False…herbal teas are made by steeping fresh or dried flowers, herb, seeds, roots or plant barks…they are not made from the camellia sinesis plant (see point one!).

In fact, herbal teas should technically be called tisanes.

Tea is tea…don’t waste money on more expensive tea

False…although we have only learned this lesson in the last few years after years of drinking tea!

Drinking a high quality tea is like drinking a high quality wine…or a well aged spirit such as whiskey.

I can’t even begin to describe the amazing first taste of a beautiful, quality tea…the difference is immense!

And once you enjoy a high quality tea, you won’t be able to go back to the humble cheap teabag!

Tea doesn’t have an Expiry date

False…it does!

In fact the longer it sits around, the staler it gets…and the powerful flavonoids found in tea are reduced.

Tea usually has a shelf life of about six months from the date the leaves are picked.

To ensure your tea remains as fresh as possible, ensure it is sealed in airtight containers in a cool, dark and dry place.

Good rule of thumb is to consume it within four months….so go check your pantry now and throw out any out of date tea!

Tea helps alleviate stress

This one may actually be true although I am not sure if it can be scientifically proven… it certainly works for us!

It has always been a tradition in our family that when the going gets tough, take a moment to make a cup of tea.

Which maybe the reason why I have drunk so much tea over the last few years!

But there is something in putting the kettle on and making a cuppa that is soothing…even if it is just a cheap teabag in a cracked mug!

Have a question about tea? Don’t hesitate to contact me or put your question in the comments below!