I was driving home in my car today, listening to my favourite 80s hits blasting out of my stereo, and I got thinking…..what would I tell my younger self if I was able to send a message back in time?

So when I arrived home, I sat down with a good cup of tea,  and wrote a list of what I would tell “me”…..

You will end up loving driving….and have a fabulous “mid life crisis” car!


Travel as much as you can!

Unfortunately you will develop food allergies…enjoy eating cheesecake and brie cheese while you can because you will miss them!

However, you will continue to love tea….really love tea!

You will have so many different hairstyles…and colours….over the years…never be afraid to try a new look!

Keep up the ballroom dancing….I so wish I had kept going…I still love dancing but just don’t get to do it very often…

You will continue to love to learn…three degrees at the last count….but ending up having a totally different career, and loving it!


Enjoy every minute of school and uni…it really is a fabulous time!

Your love of gadgets and technology will continue…you won’t believe what we have now….!

Photography will develop from a hobby to a passion…and yes, you will still always have a couple of cameras on hand and continue to take far too many photos!


You won’t have kids…but I don’t think that will be any surprise…

You will have your heart broken…quite a few times…but the man for you will come along….and it is someone who you may not of expect…and he is fabulous!

And you have the wedding of your dreams…our guests still talk about how much fun it was!

Our Wedding

You will be faced with dealing with issues that are very confronting…..you will almost lose someone you love…..but you are stronger then you think and you will get through it.

Your fear of getting cancer unfortunately will become reality…but you are lucky, and it gets caught early with only surgery required.

Friends will come and go…stay in touch as much as you can, and remember you never know who you might meet tomorrow…next week…next year!

Learn a brass instrument…I did finally get round to it in my late 30s but I think I would have had more fun being in the brass section when I did my music degree

You will still strive to achieve that “thing” that makes you feel you have created or done something amazing….still have no idea what that “thing” is so working on that one!

And lastly, you will still love 80s music…and continue to know the words to just about every one!

But the main thing I would say to my younger self,  is to enjoy every minute and never let an opportunity pass by…Live, Love and Learn!

What would you tell your younger self if you were able to?