I used to have a very good memory…my dad used to say I had a mind like a steel trap. Once the memory/info was in there, it stuck!

But somehow the steel trap isn’t snapping shut like it used to, or the filing system has got out of whack.

I now don’t have very good recall of the past…it feels like the memories are still there, but I just can’t get them into focus.

For example, my school days are just a blur of images…I don’t remember many of my teachers, or any events that happened, although there are a few that do stick in my mind.

Sometimes when I look at old photos, memories come flooding back so they are in there somewhere!

Thankfully, I am ok with more recent history…and of course the fact I take thousands of photos helps!

In terms of remembering tasks and projects, if I don’t write things down straight away, there is a very high chance that I will forget…hence why I am well known to have a memory of a goldfish…which apparently is not very long.


My work collegues know to either send me an email, or make sure I write the details down, otherwise the task won’t get done. It just disappears into the black hole that is my memory, never to be seen again!

Despite my love of gadgets and technology, this is why I still prefer the good old fashioned notebook and pen method…and did I mention my stationary obsession?

Places like Officeworks and Kiki K are my happy places!

I blame this memory issue on the few years I suffered from thyroid problems before realising what was wrong.

Anyone who has suffered the thyroid fogginess will know exactly what I am talking about…you know what you need to do, but it is like navigating through a pea soup fog.

That fog has now lifted, and although I sometimes experience a fine mist if I am tired, I am ok…but it seems the damage has been done.

I hope that eventually, my body will tune itself back to what it should be, but in the meantime…what was I saying?

Do you suffer from the thyroid fog or bad memory? Do you have to write things down like I do?