I have to thank a fellow blogger, Sarah from Sarah’s Heart Writes, for alerting me about this brand new Australian magazine, Womankind!


I dropped past my local newsagent to track a copy down, and as soon as I laid eyes on the amazing cover design, I got the feeling that I would love this newcomer….and I was right!

Womankind was officially launched on the 28th July, and will be produced quarterly by the Australian publishers of another magazine, the New Philosopher.

It is aimed at all women who are not being catered for by celebrity and gossip magazines…which gives it a big tick from me….and it is advertising free…which is an interesting move in a society where marketing plays a huge role!

This magazine is purely for sitting down, and reading…with no distractions!

In fact, I have to admit I am only halfway through reading Womankind…which is a good sign…every page contains something of interest…and I am savouring every one!

I am not going to reveal all that is inside the covers, but for example, there is a piece on how music can move our emotions…and a particular work is mentioned that is one of the most spine chilling and emotional music I have ever experienced…it’s called Barber’s Adagio For Strings…if you have never heard it, go find it and listen to it…now!

There is an article on how writing by hand makes us smarter…a fact that doesn’t surprise me at all!

Even though I love technology, and use a tablet and iPad, I still prefer a notebook and pen for writing ideas and lists. The act of writing helps to get my brain working!

And I am looking forward to getting to the article entitled “Why we need more time, and less clothes!”…

More time less clothes

Going back to the front cover….it is a portrait of Simone De Beauvoir,  made out of butterflies, and I discovered it was created by the very talented visual designer, Charis Tsevis.

And not surprisingly, it has already been voted one of the world’s best covers by Germany’s leading media website, Meedia!

Here is a close up….so much detail!


And the full design is shown on the back cover…I love it!

Magazine back

Womankind is a gorgeous magazine, both in design, images and words!


This is one publication I would be very happy to subscribe to….do yourself a favour and check it out…I think you will love it too!

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to delve back into the the world of Womankind!

For more information on Womankind, click here to visit the website!