For me, the jury is still out regarding Valentines Day…


Part of me loves it…I love to be spoiled, I love surprises, I love presents…and I love flowers!

But the rational part of me rebels against the fact that Valentines Day has become so commercial…it seems every business leaps onto to the love bandwagon, and the shops are full of red hearts in all shapes and sizes.

Restaurants see dollar signs, and tables are scarce without a booking.

Florists are in their element, with people lining up to get that perfect bunch.

There will be flower delivery vans hurtling round the city like mad today with deliveries from morning till night!

Anything vaguely romantic will be booked out tonight, even more so as Valentines has fallen on Friday this year.

And if you are single, all the kerfuffle about love and togetherness can be….well….painful at best…

To be honest, I prefer to be special…to have our day…our anniversary…and not share it with the entire world’s population.

Because my gorgeous husband is the best…he is funny, clever, vague, handsome, laid back, obsessive and the bravest, most courageous person I know.

And he can play cornet like a dream…

We both kind of silly…never a dull moment round us!

We like to laugh…a lot!

I am so lucky to have him in my life…he is my soul mate, my best friend.

We have been through experiences that no one should have to go through…I become his full time carer when he became so sick….yet we managed to get through everything and still be a team…facing whatever life throws at us…together!

He always buys me flowers and a card on Valentines Day, and I love him for that….

He even remembered this year, despite still feeling pretty average from that bug we both got….now that’s definitely worth a point or two!

Valentine Flowers

But we won’t be going out to dinner tonight, or doing anything special…we are happy to just have a night in, with our furkids…together.

That’s how we like it.

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine Cards