Please note: this is not a sponsored post! My opinions are, as always, totally my own!

One of the items I had on my to-do list for this year was to get my skin checked for any signs of skin cancer…and last Friday, both my husband and I got checked over.

The good news, nothing sinister was found on either of us, however we will both be going back in three months to have a few moles re-checked…just to be on the safe side.

If you have never had it done, please book yourself in ASAP…especially if you have spent a lot of time in the sun or perhaps were a fan of sunbeds, like I was for a short time.

Years ago, I loved having a tanning session during winter…not so much for the tan, but just to feel the warmth…it made me feel better for some reason, despite the potential damage it was doing to my skin.

Anyhow, we went to Molescreen for our checks…mainly because we passed it one Saturday and they were open, so we decided to book in and get it done.

But I must emphasise that this is not a sponsored post…we went there purely through chance!

Molescreen is an independent skin cancer clinic…they handle screening, diagnosis, management and can refer to other specialists if required.

The doctors are all GPs, with specialised training in skin cancer medicine and surgery.

And the good news is you don’t need a referral to get checked over!

The screening is painless…you met with a doctor who asks your history, such as any illnesses or is there any history of skin cancer in your family.

Both my husband and I have a fairly colourful medical history between us, but thankfully, skin cancer is not something that has occurred in either of our families…well, that we know of…

You then strip off…underwear can stay on…and put on a gown…the doctor goes carefully over your body and checks any potential nasties with a magnifying tool.

Anything slightly suspicious is marked with texta….


Once finished, if you have any potential issues, you then get taken into another room, where each highlighted spot is photographed..I had four, my husband had five!


You then get dressed, and the doctor discusses what has been found with you.

As I mentioned above, neither of us had any obvious nasties that needed to be dealt with, so we just have to go back in three months to have the photographed spots checked to see if there has been any change.

Not sure why it took so long to get round to doing it, but it is a relief that it is now done.

However, I should mention that a skin cancer check-up such as this is not 100% perfect…the doctor may miss something.

So if you have any spots that you are worried about, make sure you tell them to ensure they get checked carefully!

The cost of the screening is strangely not covered by many health funds, although you do get some back from Medicare.

But seriously…you must do it…get your skin checked ASAP!

It might just save your life!

Click here to visit the Molescreen website for more information!

Please note: this is not a sponsored post! My opinions are, as always, totally my own!