While browsing on Instagram the other day, a particular meme popped up which really struck a cord with me.

Stupidly, I didn’t save it but it said something like this…


People come and go into our lives…some stay for the duration, others flit in and out.

I wrote about this a while ago…about the fact that we are actually don’t have to like everyone we met.

We are all so different…although it is important to know that this is not a reason in itself to not be friendly.

As the meme says, some people are blessings and these are the people you want around you, even if it can only be for a brief time.

In terms of others…they come and go, but they often do teach us lessons…on how not to treat others…to perhaps be a little more wary and not so trusting….to not put up with emotional blackmail…to walk away if there is no connection.

In some cases, someone you meet may actually be a blessing and a lesson…and if it is all positive, then it’s wonderful!

Others may be a blessing in disguise…I have definitely met a few of those over the years!

I have a habit of getting a “vibe” when I met new people…if something doesn’t seem quite right, then that’s a pretty good indication that we probably aren’t going to be good friends any time soon.

Doesn’t mean I dislike them by any means…it’s just that there is no common ground, no connection.

The times I have persevered despite having reservations, usually end in tears, and that’s where the lessons begin…this year, one particular person proceeded to tell dreadful lies in the aim to turn others against me.

I have never come across such hate…such bitterness all wrapped in butter wouldn’t melt, sugar sweetness…I am still shaken by just how gripped by hate this person was.

The lesson learned was that even little alarm bells start ringing, back away…which in the above case, got me even more vitriol…so another lesson was learned…go with my initial gut feeling about someone.

Life is too short to spend it with people who make you miserable…go with the blessings!

However, in so saying, we do need to meet the “lessons”  as we journey through life to appreciate just how good the blessings are…and sometimes the lessons learned are life changing!

Christmas is a time to be thankful, and I am so grateful for our wonderful, amazing friends.

I love having such a diverse group…from all walks of life and literally from all over the world!

I thank each and every one of you for being our blessings!

And for those who have taught me a lesson or two over the last twelve months…thank you….because without those lessons, I wouldn’t realise just how wonderful true friendship and support is!

Have you “met” some lessons this year? What did you learn from the encounters?