A few weeks ago, there was an enthusiastic discussion amoungst bloggers about how there are so many shiny, beautifully curated blogs which tell you how to do anything you could possible image…from clothes, to food, to just about any problem you can think of

Which then lead to some bloggers writing that this in fact means that their blogs are not particularly “useful” as they don’t give instructions on how to do this, that and other thing….they just write.

They write about what they did…their experiences…publishing posts like little windows into their lives.

And that makes them “useless” blogs…but I disagree!

Taking the time to put words to paper so to speak is always worthwhile…unless you are causing hurt or hate, then that is never ok.

I fell into blogging by accident…I love coding and software, and was curious about WordPress…so I built a blog.

Next minute, I found myself looking forwarding to blogging every day…and I haven’t stopped since.

Blogging is the best therapy…I only wish I had discovered it while my husband was so sick, as well as when I got sick.

Because writing helps to put things into perspective…even when things are awfully tough….and believe me, they were tough!

I like blogs that are insights into the person behind the keyboard…I started off reading the bright shiny blogs, but after a while, they all seem to be done to the same formula and I quickly lost interest.

Mind you, I am not a particular good candidate for those sort of blogs as I am not crafty/arty and I hate food due to food intolerances…plus I am not really into having a house that looks like it came out of a glossy magazine.

I admit I am into fashion, but it is on my terms…if you follow me over on Instagram, you will know that I don’t bend to trends.

I wear what I like, when I like!


In fact, I will be honest…I actually don’t read many other blogs at all…I am too busy living life, and writing my own posts!

My blog is all about me…and my husband…and even the furkids get a mention or two…it’s like an online journal.

Sometimes, I plan ahead, and write regular posts such as the What I Wore series…but often the topic is about an experience I just had or a topic that caught my interest…such as this one.

Very occasionally, I will do a sponsored post, but it is only because it is a product I already use and love, or because it is a product I want to use and love!

This blog doesn’t fit neatly into any niche but that’s ok with me.

I share my knowledge, but what I don’t publish is bright shiny posts on how to make your life better, or create the perfect meal.

I write about our lives, because I know someone, somewhere, is wanting to read about what it was like to have a liver transplant…or thyroid cancer…or using a vintage camera…or visiting that little chapel in Port Douglas.

I blog every single day, but you never quite know what I will be writing about…sometimes neither do I until I sit down to write.

I have a lovely little community of readers, and I appreciate every single one of you.

I also have a lot of readers who pop in to read a post that interests them, and then leave without coming back…and that is fine too.

So I am going against the discussion…in my book, there are no “useless” bloggers.

It is your own part of the internet, and if you want to write about you and your life, then that is just as important as those bright shiny blogs!

Do you have a blog? If so, why do you blog? Share in the comments below as I would love to know…