Happy birthday to our littlest furkid, the famous Miss Charlotte!

Five years ago you came into the world, and joined our little family a couple of months after.

Cairn Terrier Pup

You may have been the smallest of the litter, but there was never nothing small about your attitude!

You quickly let your older brother..and us…know who was boss, and it’s been that way ever since…


You were so tiny, you could slip through the kiddy gates we set up…we had to wire up the balcony so you didn’t fall through as you have no fear of heights.


And I had to put a little bell on your collar so we could find you in the house as you were very clever at disappearing!


Never known a dog that can “swear” like you…if something is not to your liking, you will let it be known.

Favourite occupations include barking at possums, rats, crows… heating vents…

She looks up which her brother has never done…and she has an intense dislike of the hot air balloons and the occasional blimp that drift over us.

You love a good yawn…complete with sound effects that we have started rating 1 – 10…8 or higher is often reached…


You love to sit on the back of the couch, hanging with Dad, or curled up on Mum’s lap, looking out the window…


You are a fabulous footwarmer at night…and you snore so loudly!

You love a frozen mince Kong…one of the few things that will keep you quiet for a while, although you have been known to bark with the Kong in your mouth…


You also have a bad habit of burying them in the garden and forgetting where you put them!

You love a walk…and especially love a run with Dad.

You are best buddies with your brother…although you never let him forget who is boss…


You are bossy, sassy and full of cairnattude…but you are seriously cute and we loved you from the moment you became ours…


So happy 5th Birthday Miss Charlotte…hope you enjoy your new toys and treats!

And yes, you do have to share with your brother…