After my husband got his good report from the surgeon at his check up yesterday, I was hoping the good news would continue when it came to the results of my scans and tests.

And I can very happily report that it has….late yesterday afternoon, I got a call from my cancer specialist….I am still cancer free!

It looks like I escaped from cancer’s clutches with just surgery, and the resulting permanent medication.

I can’t explain just how lucky I feel right now!

But I do have an issue that does need to be resolved…my TSH level is not correct, which means my body is not absorbing the thyroxine as it should.

My specialist is unsure why, but suggests it might be that I just need a higher dose then other people.

He is upping my dose from 150mg to 175mg, and I will have another blood test in about 6 – 8 weeks to see if the higher dosage sorts things out.

And the one thing I like about going to this particular Endocrinology unit…they have their own nurse, and I now have her direct number…no waiting round at Pathology!

So we are hoping that is the end of medical issues for us, and we can head into 2015 with no more hurdles to jump!

Look at the difference a year has made already…image on the left was taken this time last year, after my thyroid surgery…on the right is me right now…about 10kgs lighter and longer hair, but still cancer free!

Me a year apart

And I would like to finish this post with some words of advice…look after your health!

Those of you who have never been through a bad illness, I envy you….please don’t take good health for granted.

Things can change, sometimes quickly, and in most cases, all the money in the world won’t give your health back.

We cringe when we hear people boasting of how much they have drunk, how much bad food they have eaten, how little exercise they do…we have been guilty of some of that too…but now we have first hand experience of facing an early demise, we realise just how fragile our bodies can be!

And don’t forget to get regular checkups…I was lucky I finally took the time to get checked, and had a doctor who was thorough otherwise my cancer would not have been discovered till maybe it was too late.

The reality is neither of us could have prevented our health issues…Jas was always going to need a liver transplant due to the autoimmune disease he has, and goodness knows why I was the lucky one to get thyroid cancer.

But what we can control is how well we look after ourselves.

Jas has been given a second chance through organ donation, and I have been given a second chance through having a fabulous doctor and surgeon, and we are not going to waste a minute!

You are given only one body to live in….look after it!