I am so proud right now….today, I was able to watch my husband conduct his primary school band at a school music festival.

So whats so good about that, you ask?

Well, it is because this was the band’s first ever public performance at a bands festival…and they did so well!

My husband along with other staff members have been building the music program up at this school over the last few years, and to see it all come together today is just wonderful!

This band is made up of Grade 2,4, 5 and 6 students…they all look so young to me….the majority started learning early last year, with a handful who started learning this year.

And they are absolutely loving it!

There are some real characters in the band, and I enjoyed meeting them all and seeing their excitement while waiting to go on stage…their enthusiasm…..the million questions…..the exhilaration after performing!

I had forgotten how tiring it can be taking a school group out!

I also loved seeing my husband in his element….back doing what he loves after missing out on it for so long due to a life threatening illness.

Here is a sneaky photo of him and the band in action….


I talked to some of the staff I knew, and they were all saying the same thing….it is so rewarding working with these young kids, and setting them off into the world of music.

Learning an instrument at a young age has so many benefits, and being able to also take part in a larger group assists in their development on so many levels.

It teaches them discipline, social skills, patience, reading, maths….and opportunities like this festival give them the thrill of performing on stage, in front of an appreciative audience.

I mean there was way too much fun being had today…there may have even been a Mexican wave….the kids from all the schools who were there had a ball!

And it was fun watching them enjoy the experience…


Being a part of a music program such as this also hopefully instills in them a love for music, even if they don’t continue playing as they grow older.

I am so glad I was able to be witness this first performance…. and see the joy on the kids faces….and the staff too!

Well done to all involved!