We all have them…things that wind you up…send you square….drive you mad!

For this week’s My Friday Five, I list some things that will, without a doubt, make my blood begin to boil.

Friday Five


People who aren’t ready when the traffic lights change….especially at a right or left green arrow!

If you are waiting in line, that is not the time to check your phone/do your makeup/daydream/go to sleep…BE READY!

Ruined Tea

Getting served over stewed tea at cafes who spend lots of time and effort getting their coffee right…just because I am a tea drinker, doesn’t mean I have to pay through the nose for a cheap tea bag, flung into a cup and left sitting before being served!

I implore you, take as much care about making tea the proper way, and the tea drinkers of the world will love you!

And another handy hint, presentation is all part of drinking a good cup of tea!


I am sorry if I offend any smokers out there, but I hate when we sit outside, enjoying the sunshine…and someone lights up and blows smoke over us.

It is your choice to smoke….I don’t want or need to share it….I have enough health issues without exposing myself to others, albeit even slightly!

I hate it when we are visiting a hospital, and you have to walk through a wall of smoke, as all the patients desperately drag on their cigarettes before having to go back inside….such a sad sight….

Talking on the Phone

Another pet hate of mine….you don’t need to shout when using your mobile phone…and if you do, go away….far, far away!

Annoying Habit

For my last one, I am going to dob in my husband….when at home, he will start doing this loud swallowing sound. He doesn’t do it when he is out…only when at home…and it gets louder…and louder….and it drives me round the twist!

And no, it’s not because of having a transplant, and no, he hasn’t a sore throat….I think its just to annoy me…

So there are five things that wind me up…what are yours…please share!