Thankfully, it looks like I am on the improve after two days of coughing and feeling downright horrible!

I can finally sit at my desk to type this post, rather then not being able to get off the couch….although it is so cold and wet outside, snuggling up under a warm blanket, with a hot cup of tea, is probably the best thing to do!

So for My Friday Five this week, I will list some tips as to how to survive a winter bug, such as the flu…should it come your way…and I really hope it doesn’t!


Rest, rest and more rest….

I am terrible with sitting still…it takes a lot to knock me down, and this bug certainly achieved that.

But I have learnt that sometimes we just need to stop rushing around, and listen to what our bodies are actually telling us.

So stop, and get some rest…and plenty of sleep! Let your body do its thing to fight off infection.

It might make the difference between a couple of days feeling horrible, to a couple of weeks feeling rotten!

Keep up the fluids…

It is so important to keep up the fluids when you are sick, not matter what bug you may have caught.

And after finding out all the benefits of drinking lemon juice in warm water, I have made sure I have plenty of lemons on hand.

Green tea is also very good…and I certainly don’t need any encouragement to drink lots of it!

Eat healthy…

If you get sick, making sure you eat healthy foods can assist in your recovery.

Also don’t forget vitamins….speak to your chemist to stock up on ones suitable to assist your immune system to fight off the bug

Just in case…

Always keep some essential medications on hand at home in case you are struck down…my particular bug came on very quickly…no cold or sneezing, just straight to an awful cough.

Keep a “survival kit” on hand….include cough mixture (don’t forget a measuring glass as well), cough lollies, a decongestant and a painkiller such as Panadol…and tissues…nothing is worse then not having any tissues in the house when a cold hits!

Hopefully you won’t need this kit, but it might save you a trip to the chemist when you are already feeling awful, and might be able to stop the bug in its tracks before it becomes too bad.

Don’t share…

One of the main problems with “soldiering on” is that you are highly likely to bring everyone around you down as well…which isn’t the best idea as a virus can wipe out the entire office staff in one foul swoop…have seen it happen…

In the old days, I used to go to work no matter what….now, if someone is sick, they are sent home and told not to come back till they are better.

It is much easier in the long run to fill in for one staff member for a few days, then to have very limited staff who are falling like flies…and nothing is worse then listening to a work colleague cough their lungs out.

And stock up on antibacterial hand sanitiser…and encourage everyone to use it! It has become a habit of ours ever since my husband was in hospital…never go anywhere without some!

What are your tips for surviving the winter flu?