After months of planning with my hairdresser, last Saturday was finally the big day.

I first came to see Lexi as a dark mahogany red and although I loved the colour, I craved change…a new look.

So she gradually stepped up the colour over many months…working through red through to a copper shade.

I loved the copper, but found it a little hard when wanting to wear some of my vintage outfits because it clashed.

So the journey continued…

Then she did a marathon session, carefully bleaching the red out of my hair, using deep conditioning and the new hair wonder product, Olaplex.

I emerged hours later as a blonde!

Although I was a blonde for about 10 years…I was married as a blonde…I wasn’t totally in love with this step.

But I must mention that despite all that my hair went through, the Olaplex actually made it feel so much thicker and healthy.

I debated hanging round as a blonde for a while, but decided it was time to keep moving.

It was time to go grey!

My hairdresser carefully did another bleach to remove the regrowth as well as to remove any residual red.

Then she mixed up five different shades….


Keeping it light at the top, she created a balayage effect with the ends being a dark steel blue/grey….


Having all this done means a lot of waiting…so the anticipation to see what it would look like was high for the the both of us!

And voila…the finished creation…


Strangely, it does look different under various lights…sometimes it is quite blue, others more purple…others see more teal…


Like the blonde, it’s going to take a little getting used to…although it is the first time ever I have had this colour.

My wardrobe once again will have a change of direction as I work out what works with grey/blue/silver.

And I am aware that it will be high maintenance…I have learned that these shades are actually pastels, so do fade quickly.

But despite all of this, I love it!

And a surprising side effect is that it seems to work very well with my complexion…I keep getting compliments about how well I am looking.

Makes all the money spent and all hours in the chair totally worth it!


Have you every done a major hair colour change? Share your store below as I would love to know!

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