So its started…I have gone against tradition and have begun to decorate for Christmas…before December starts!

I am doing it methodically this year…choosing the spots where I want to put something, and then finding that perfect item to go in each place! As I said in a previous post, “less is more”…and no tinsel allowed!

So, Spot One…the dining room table…I wanted something that would fit well with the gorgeous wood of the table top.

And on a wander through David Jones, I found the perfect solution!

Trees for the Table

Paper topiary trees – made with paper that has music printed on it, with glitter round the edges! They sparkle beautifully when the sun shines in during the day, and in the lights at night.

My husband and I are both musicians so these decorations are very appropriate!

Close Up of Tree

And sorry…..I got the last two at the Chadstone store….but if you were handy at craft, I don’t think it would be too hard to make something similar!

Spot one…completed!