Did you know we spend on average 25 years of our lives sleeping?

I am guessing I would probably spend a lot more as I am a 9 hour or else kinda girl nowadays, courtesy of no thyroid and a dodgy immune system.

Which makes me wonder why it took us over 5 years to get rid of  our old, hard mattress and get something that was actually comfortable to sleep on!

In our defence, we inherited the old mattress even though it was basically brand new, but that should have rang alarm bells…if it didn’t suite the previous owners…

But every time we slept elsewhere, I would realise just how uncomfortable our home mattress was.

So…a couple of weeks ago, I woke up stiff and sore, complained yet again, and made a decision…within a couple of hours we standing outside a bedding store, feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the sight of row upon row of mattresses…

How on earth were we going to find our perfect match…the room for error seemed great!

However, by some twist of fate, we were the only people in the store at that time, and we were assisted by a lady who knew her mattresses!

We explained our predicament, and she calmly talked us through a few scenarios, before selecting a mattress for us to try…it felt like heaven…this was the cheapest of the ones she showed us.

After almost falling asleep on that one, we tried another one which was the next step up…even better!

Then lastly, we tried one which was in the top rung of our budget, but strangely we actually preferred the second one….it just felt right!

And even better, everything was much cheaper due to the post Christmas sales, so we were able to get a more expensive mattress without blowing the budget totally!

Now, it was still quite nerve wracking making a decision as we didn’t want to be stuck with a horrible mattress for the next 5 years…but the saleslady was thorough, and explained why she choose three particular mattresses for us to try.

I like facts, and I like facts being delivered straight down the line…this is why this will work, this is why this won’t…and it seems this applies to mattresses too!

Within an hour, we were the proud owner of a new queen size mattress, to be delivered in two days…we counted down the hours!

On delivery day, we pulled the old mattress off the bed frame to make it easier…and rediscovered another reason why we needed to replace it…our youngest furkid had done some excavating to the underneath, and there was a fist size hole!

Love her paw on my husband’s hand…that look says “it wasn’t me”…


Delivery guys turned up and within 10 minutes, our new mattress was unwrapped and dropped into the bed base…we had done it…finally!

My first reaction was OMG look how high it is! The new mattress is quite a bit taller than our old one…the thought that I may need a stepladder crossed my mind…and yes, we needed to buy new fitted sheets to deal with the higher wall design.

New Bed

Then came the test…our first night…

The verdict…excellent!

And now it has been about three weeks, and it has got even better…further enforcing why on earth didn’t we do this sooner?

The only complaint is the bed is now too high for the furkids to jump up…they are learning to come ask if they want “up”.

So if you are suffering from aches and pains and bad night’s sleep, don’t put up with it like we did…check your mattress, and your pillows!

Think how much time us humans spend in bed…it is so worth getting something that suits your shape, size…comfort level!

One important tip…if you share your bed with a partner, make sure the both of you go along to try out different mattresses…to make sure you get a mattress that will be suitable for both of you.

Time it when the sales are on, and you may just pick up a bargain that will make you sleep like a baby!