This post leads on from the one I wrote a few weeks ago about “Bring Back The Wave” to say thank you…

The owners of Petite Syrah café in Nice who had become fed up with rude customers, has started charging people more if they forget to say “please” when ordering their coffee!

They have introduced a new pricing system that charges extra for those who forget their manners…and I think it is brilliant!

French Cafe SignSource

A coffee will cost €7 (approx $10.70 AUD) while “a coffee please” is a little more affordable, at €4.25 (Approx $6.50 AUD)… whereas something like, “hello, a coffee please” is the cheapest at €1.40 (approx $2.15 AUD)!

Manager of the Petite Syrah, Fabrice Pepino, told The Local: “It started as a joke because at lunchtime people would come in very stressed and were sometimes rude to us when they ordered a coffee. ”

I love this initiative…it certainly would be a reminder that a simple thank you is sometimes all that is needed….its not that difficult!

Does make me wonder how many get charged the full amount…

I was talking to a sales assistant this morning at a local shopping centre, and she said its amazing how rude people can be, and it seems to get worse during the Christmas rush….I find that really sad…and so unnecessary!

Thank You

And I have to report that “The Wave” is definitely dead round my neighbourhood…the other day, the only person that thanked me for letting him though was a guy in a an unregistered battered car…everyone else just sails through without a glance…..please can we bring back “The Wave”?!

Thank you!