So yesterday was the first time that I have ever had to go to emergency…I have taken my husband numerous times…but I guess it was finally my turn!

After about 7 hours….most of it waiting…they let me go home..however I am still feeling unwell.


The good news is the CT scan…with contrast…showed no cancer in my head.

The hours waiting to get that result back was more then a little scary….

Because I have had cancer…

It became very clear yesterday that this fact will always flag some alarm every time something is not right healthwise.

It is a very unsettling feeling…especially as I realise how lucky I was in that what I had was the least aggressive thyroid cancer…is it going to reappear somewhere bigger and more horrible for round two?

But for the time being, that feeling has been put to rest with the knowledge that everything that is present in my head, should be there!

So, they have given me a new regime of meds….Panadol, an anti inflammatory…and an anti depressant…to try and stop the headaches.

And I have an appointment with a neurologist..

It’s a bit of a stab in the dark, but they are thinking maybe it’s a totally out of control migraine…but to be honest, I am not too sure.

The doctor also recommended I keep having laser acupuncture….a couple of previous treatments did ease the pain somewhat..more then what all those strong painkillers did!

Going through this for the last three weeks or so, with not much relief, keeps me thinking that this is all in my head…is my body so used to feeling yuck that it has forgotten how to feel well?

However, its a beautiful day outside…we are having some unseasonably warm weather…so I am aiming to get out the door for some sunshine and fresh air…and hopefully that will assist in making me forget about feeling sick, and instead enjoy being alive!