I am a sucker for gorgeous books…despite loving new technology, I still very much prefer to feel the pages as I read….so combine that with my current obsession of all things vintage, I just had to get my hands on a copy of Vintage Girls, by Nadia Barbaro.

Vintage Girls is available as a limited edition hardback, signed and numbered by the author, or as an e-book…I, of course, went for the hard back, which I have to say was the most I have ever paid for a book….AUD$75!

Vintage Girls

I was in two minds whether to spend the money, but then I opened the book to find this….

Reason to smile

So I am now the proud owner of book number 14…..

Numbered copy

The author grew up here in Melbourne, and has always been interested in vintage fashion…she spent her teenage years scouring the Camberwell Market…she studied creative arts at university, and now works as a stylist.

She has styled for magazines such as Frankie and Hitched, and has even done some music videos!

Barbaro wanted to share vintage in a modern light, and it took around 2 years for this project to come together. There is definitely no “granny” looks here…she shows that vintage is stylish, individual and downright fantastic!

Barbaro writes how she feels connected to her grandmother by wearing pieces that have been given to her…and that is one of the reasons why I am attracted to vintage…it carries memories and history…of where it came from, and who has worn it. An item means so much more when you know the story behind it!

There are nine featured girls…Kimbra, Janie Bryant, Sarah Blasko, Sarah Owen, Liz Goldwyn, Juliet Burnett, Mia Moretti & Cleo Wade and Jess Harris…have to say I was pleased to see two Sarahs represented…good name that 🙂

Each girl has an interview, and photo shoot which is styled by Barbaro….and each one is stunning!

This is not a book that you read on a train….this book is an indulgence…one to treasure, to savour every photo…and drool over the outfits…


Is it worth $75 for the hardback copy..probably not, but I must admit, it is very nice to support an author who believes in her passion for all things vintage…so much that she wants to share it with the world…and does so just beautifully!

To find out more about Vintage Girls, click here to visit the website!

The hardback edition is only available at Readings…click here to check stock or order online!

Please note that this post is not sponsored…I bought my own copy from Readings!