I have to admit I had never heard of Sophie Amoruso…that is until I came across her recently released book, #GIRLBOSS.

It certainly wasn’t a book that I would normally read, but after a quick Google search to find out who she was, I was curious enough to track down a copy.


Amoruso is the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal…a very cool and happening online fashion website that combines selling new items with vintage….and doing it extremely well!

She has gone from being an awkward teenage whose life was heading off the rails and being almost unemployable…to having her very own 100+ million dollar company with hundreds of staff….and she is only 30 years old!

Chapter 4

Nasty Gal started on eBay,  and Amoruso quickly learned what worked and what didn’t….so much so that she was eventually able to make the leap to developing her own website and the rest is history!

#GIRLBOSS is an easy read…and not exactly brilliantly written…however, Amoruso makes no apologies….#GIRLBOSS is all about her, and how she got to where she is today.

She writes how she sees it, and reveals what works for her, both while building her “empire” and now she is a success.

But that doesn’t mean she is slowing down….one thing you get from reading this book is that Amoruso has unlimited energy and drive once she puts her mind to something.

Dream big

Amoruso is a living example of what can be achieved, despite having no formal qualifications, but she does emphasise that it doesn’t just happen…it takes hard work and persistence.

Although this book is aimed more at inspiring young women who are starting out in life, and who may be wondering what direction to take, I did find some words of wisdom amoungst the pages that I can apply to my work, my blog and my life….and I am well over 10 years older then Amoruso!

For example, she says that if you never ask, you will never get….that it’s always worth asking!

Another point is that her number one priority for Nasty Gal is customer service….and she always makes sure that every comment, email, tweet etc is acknowledged. She wants her customers to feel special…to want to be a part of Nasty Gal’s community, and then be happy to purchase from the store!

Lastly…and this gave me a one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments….give your customers something to share. Social media is all about sharing images and statuses…if you give them something that is interesting/worthwhile, then it will be shared…and shared….free advertising by word of mouth.

And this applies just as well to blogging as it does to selling online.

#GIRLBOSS is not for everyone..it is gritty and brash…and I was surprised that I was able to get anything from it as I am definitely not in the demographic it is aimed at…but I did and I am glad I read it!

So if you need a bit of inspiration to be your own #girlboss and build your own empire, it might be worth checking out what Ms Amoruso has to say!

Treat your mind

 #GIRLBOSS is available from Nasty Gal, bookshops and online stores

Click here to visit the Nasty Gal website!

Please note that this is not a sponsored post….I bought and paid for my copy of #GIRLBOSS!