So today is my birthday…another year survived and another step closer to the big 50!

It’s funny, as I get older, I feel younger…like I am still in my mid-thirties.

But the grey in my hair, and the lines on my face tell the real truth.

My body has been somewhat badly behaved this last year…nothing life threatening or serious, but enough to make my life miserable.

Chronic nausea has been something that has bothered me for years…doctors are at a loss to explain the cause.

But some time on Google and speaking to others, it seems food intolerances are to blame.

As a result, my diet is now very strict…I am following a FODMAP diet and it does seems to be helping.

So no birthday cake of any kind for me!

I am still having the occasional bad day or two as I figure out my tolerances, but my tummy is definitely happier…fingers crossed it will continue to improve.

Which means I can celebrate yet another birthday with fresh hope that I will return to good health in the year to come.

And as an added bonus, I have lost some of the weight that had piled on due to medication…which means I can fit back into my vintage and retro dresses…


But despite the health hiccups, it hasn’t been all bad over the last twelve months.

For instance, I have re-discovered and then totally fallen in love with film photography…it is a hobby gets me out of the house, and is a bit like a treasure hunt.

I have gathered quite a nice little collection of vintage film cameras, with a special fondness for cameras from the 40s & 50s.

My birthday present to me is a circa 1934 medium format folder camera (Zeiss Super Ikonta 530/2)…wouldn’t have even dreamed of getting one of these last year!

In fact, I had no idea medium format film even existed!


But most importantly, I have got to share some fabulous adventures with my husband as we explore this city we live in and beyond.

Fingers crossed, with my health improving, we can do even more…with our furkid along side…


I don’t really have any issues with time forever advancing, but only if I can live the life I want to.

I want lots of love, laughs, fun and adventure…I have had enough of feeling yuck!

So here’s to another birthday…may the year ahead be the best one ever!

How do you handle birthdays…with dread or a sense of excitement about what the year ahead may bring?