On this day, fourteen years ago, we had one of the best days of our lives…it involved a double decker bus, a gorgeous little church, a full brass band and steam train.

Yep, it was one hell of a wedding, and so much fun!

Our Wedding

We went to Palm Cove for our honeymoon…which is about 40 mins drive south of where we are right now.

In fact, we dropped in there yesterday, and it all looks much the same, even after all these years….and there was even the afternoon stiff wind that we remembered used to drive us off the beach…


Fourteen years later, we are thoroughly enjoying our current trip away…because even after all those  years of married life, we still actually really enjoy each others company.

When you go through what we have health wise, being able to spend quality time together without fear of an end date is just the best feeling!

Having bad times can sometimes lead to amazing times, which are made all the sweeter by what has gone before.

And it has all been made possible due to the miracle of modern medicine and a donor liver.

So how did we celebrate this marital milestone…by doing not much at all!

We started with our usual long morning walk, finishing off with a swim…a quick detour to get the papers, then back to the apartment to change for lunch, which we had at the Court House Hotel.

I had grilled Barramundi with chips and salad…he had a steak with chips and salad…and it was delicious!


The rest of the day was spent lounging on our large balcony, enjoying the warmth and view…a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary…


Who knows what life has planned for us in the years ahead…there has certainly been more than our fair share of bumps and dips.

But I know that whatever happens, I have someone who has my back…who is beside me all the way, as I am for him.

Happy anniversary babe! xx