Now this is clever, and very much a sign of the electronic times we live in…a bag that has an inbuilt charger for your phone!

Hustle has developed “the world’s smartest bag”! This invention combines two of my interests…handbags and technology…perfect!

The women’s version can either fit into a larger, everyday bag, or be used on its own with the provided cross body strap, or even just as a clutch.

And there is a men’s wallet as well!

The concept is simple…the Hustle Bag can power up your phone while you are out. When you get home, you just put the bag on the Hustle Charging Pad and it is all charged up again in a few hours!

It claims to be able to charge your smartphone up to 4 times but it does depend on the model of the phone. The bag will then alert you when it needs to be recharged!

Sounds like the bags would be quite heavy, but it is reported that the charging battery is very light…which is good considering how many things I end up jamming in my handbag!

And lastly, the Hustle Bag has been developed by an Australian husband and wife team!

So if you are addicted to your smartphone and prone to having your phone battery die before you can get it charged, this could be your perfect solution!

Have my eye on the Navy Saffiano Bag…I mean a girl can never have too many bags, right?

Images all from Hustle Bag