A year ago today, two life changing events happened…

The first was moving back into our own home, after renting for a couple of years while my husband got very sick, and we had no idea what the future held.

We were so looking forward to having a fresh start, with my husband recovering well from having a liver transplant…it was time to start living life again…or so we thought…

But then the second event happened…I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.

On a day that should have been the start of the rest of our lives, I learned it was my turn to face a health issue.

And what made it even more difficult was I had to face the news by myself…my poor husband had to stay behind and deal with the removalists.

My doctor asked if I was ok to drive home….and I have to say, I was. She was more upset then me…must have been so difficult telling someone who has already been through hell and back, that more was potentially on the horizon.

But I think having dealt with some pretty serious conversations with my husband’s doctors as they fought a losing battle to keep him alive made me a little more resilient to yet more bad news.

My husband got through it all….so I would too…taking one step at a time.

It is now 12 months since that day…the fateful day I sat in my doctor’s room and heard the words “you have cancer”.

And I can now say I have been lucky….if you can call getting cancer in the first place lucky!

My cancer was caught early, and the only major treatment I have needed so far was surgery to remove my thyroid….all I have to remind me of my 24 hours in hospital, is a very small, neat scar…


Plus I now have to remember to take my medication every day…without it, my body will slowly shut down.

My husband is also reliant on medication to keep him alive, so we are a good pair…our meds cupboard looks like a pharmacy!

But I am not out of the cancer woods yet.

My last checkup showed that for some reason, my body is not absorbing the thyroxine medication as it should…which may be the reason why I still get so tired.

So I am booked to have a scan, and anther blood test in the next few weeks, to double check everything, and make sure nothing nasty is still lurking.

If there is, I will have to have the iodine radiation treatment…..if not, I may just to have my medication altered to get my levels back to what they should be.

Fingers crossed my luck continues to hold…