In this city, the next few days after Christmas brings on a mass exodus, as frazzled parents and over excited kids pile themselves, heaps of luggage (including all the Christmas presents!) and the family pets into their cars and 4WDs,  and head off to start their holiday on the coast.


Although this year, it seems the exodus may be starting a few days later, with the fourth test of the Ashes being played at the MCG…go Aussies!

But once the holidays start for real, the freeways south, leading down both peninsulas and along the Great Ocean Road, become clogged with the most laden cars you will ever see…not only are they are packed to the gunnels, there are various appendages such as trailers, luggage pods, and at least 2 bikes!


For those who live in the seaside towns, it is time to batten down the hatches and wait for the onslaught.

The caravan parks are full, parking becomes at a premium, waiting for your morning coffee becomes..well…all morning, and to get a good spot on the beach, you have to be there at dawn!

Giggling and squealing teenage girls with teenage boys trying to be cool, start to prowl the street in gangs, especially in the evening…

Even the internet connections and mobile phone service gets overloaded…probably because of the above mentioned teenagers….!

You take your life into your own hands when you go for a bike ride along the promenade beside the beach…dodging kids, prams, scooters and dogs!

Last year I actually witnessed two tourists actually come to throwing insults, then punches…..all over a car park in the local seaside town…no Christmas cheer there!

But all this chaos is all good for the local businesses, with the shops, cafes and restaurants enjoying good daily takes after the quiet of winter.

Me…after braving the journey south with half of the city…I am going to pull up a lounge on the decking, grab my sunhat, a big cup of tea and one of my new books….and relax!

The best bit of the holidays has begun…bliss!