Another Christmas has come and gone!

We had a different sort of Christmas this year…firstly, we stayed in the city instead of being down the coast. Since I was a baby, I have only had a handful of Christmas Days at home…still feels kinda weird!

I started the day being lazy and lounging in bed….my husband on the other hand went for a 26km bike ride…

When he returned, we enjoyed some divine white tea, while opening our presents, and watching the furkids opening theirs!


My husband outdid himself this year…and showed just how well he knows me…he covered three of my favourite things…weather (a weather station), photography (a universal charger for all my camera batteries) and technology (a Jawbone Up). He definately gets 11 out of 10!

We took the furkids for a walk, before getting ready to head off for a fabulous lunch with my immediate family..there was lots of laughs, and lots of yummy food…although no pudding or brandy sauce which I will need to rectify next year!

Christmas Table


Beetroot Salad

Summer finally got things right, and the sun come out. It was warm enough for us all to put on our bathers and jump in the pool!

It was late afternoon when we finally dried out and headed home!

So a different sort of Christmas Day from past ones, but I loved it!

And I discovered something else I loved..we have family and friends all over the world, so I really enjoyed browsing through Facebook, to see how there were celebrating Christmas!

We wrote and posted our Christmas messages in the morning, and then spent a little time reading and “liking” what others had posted.

Then after getting home from our lovely lunch, we settled down with a cuppa, and caught up on how others were spending the day!

I especially love all the photos of people having fun, kids enjoying their presents and the various furkids!

For us, social media has created a feeling of belonging to a large wonderful community, covering all corners of the globe. For some reason, we have found this belonging stronger this year….an interesting side affect of using social media!

Hope you were able to enjoy Christmas Day and that it was as fun…and relaxing… as ours!

Xmas 2013