I have to say I am feeling a little out of sorts at the moment…but more about that in another post.

For now, it is time for Taking Stock…

Cooking : mince stew with lots of vegetables…one of the few meals that my stomach can handle without complaint.

Drinking: Daintree Vanilla Chai…it is still my favourite chai EVER!

Reading: The Lake House by Kate Morton on my Kobo…not my usual sort of book but I am enjoying it.

Wanting: new experiences…new places to explore…

Looking: forward to upcoming speaking gigs at various schools…find it so rewarding to talk about my husband’s transplant journey and the importance of organ donation.

Playing: with a vintage camera which was kindly lent to me…a Rollei 35S…such a quirky little camera…I already don’t want to give it back!


Deciding: not to go to the big blogger conference, ProBlogger…have missed out the last few years due to other commitments and was all organised to go this year, but decided the money could be spent better elsewhere…maybe next year…

Wishing: I could get out and photograph every day rather than being stuck inside…thank goodness for weekends!

Enjoying: my photography…it has always been an interest of mine, but now I am back into film, it has taken on a whole new dimension!

Waiting: to receive a vintage lens to arrive that I have bought to use with a Yashica STX-N (from 1984) that was kindly gifted to me.

Liking: setting up a WordPress/Woocommerce site for work…I have been using WordPress ever since I started this blog, but am learning heaps about combining it with Woocommerce.

Wondering: where my grandmother’s Leica cameras ended up…wished I had expressed an interest in them before they were given away…just hope they are being used and treasured, not sitting in a cabinet gathering dust.

Loving: days when we have nothing planned…we can just let things unfold and see where we end up.

Pondering: on buying a better scanner so I can scan the 120 and 35mm negatives once they are processed.

Considering: what to buy my husband for his birthday…guessing something sports orientated would be perfect!

Buying: film…120 and 33mm…that seems to be what I am spending all my money at the moment…doesn’t everyone have a stock of film in their fridge?


Watching: the rain fall as I write this…we have some pretty wild weather the last few days…and we sure need the rain!

Hoping: my husband’s car windscreen finally gets replaced this week…third time lucky!

Cringing: at the politicians running around, promising the world for votes…I hate politics at the best of times.

Needing: some jumpers for Winter…hoping to find some suitable vintage/op shop ones.

Questioning: how long I can keep blogging daily…not because I don’t want to blog as I love it, but because I am running out of ideas!

Wearing: a jacket, scarf and hat for the first time this year…finally the weather is getting colder, but I am already counting down the days till summer!

Noticing: that I am falling out of love with Facebook after using it for many years.

Knowing: that in order to keep on top of my health, I need to keep as fit as possible..I do heaps of walking but am lacking the motivation to take it to the next level.

Sorting: out quotes for various jobs needed to be done about the house…looks like it’s going to be somewhat expensive, but necessary.

Bookmarking: articles on aperture, f-stops and so on as I try and get my brain around the mechanics of photography.

Feeling: a little lost…my direction has become somewhat unclear.

Snacking: Peanut butter…I am soooo addicted!

Wishing: I had skinnier legs so I could buy any long boots I like…even when I was at my thinnest, I still had trouble…why do they make them so narrow in the calves?

Disliking: these strong winds…I have a real fear of trees falling over…particularly those near our house!


Do you also have a fear of strong winds and falling trees…or am I the only one?

Share in the comments below as I would love to know!