March has been a pretty good month with plenty of great things happening for us.

It has also been unseasonably warm, yet in the blink of an eye, Mother Nature has turned and suddenly autumn is here!

However, my thoughts are turning to warmer climes as our holiday is now just about here!

But first, it’s time for Taking Stock…this is a snapshot of me, right now!

Cooking : a rather weird breakfast but it works for me…cooking scrambled eggs with half an avocado in the microwave…with a little goat’s cheese sprinkled on top.

Drinking : hot water and fresh lemon juice…a perfect way to start the day!

Reading: on my Kobo e-reader…I am actually loving it despite preferring actual books as I can carry a whole library in something no bigger than a notebook!

Wanting: to learn how to develop a film so I can do my processing myself.

Looking: at images taken on similar vintage cameras to mine on Instagram…I love the fact that the medium format film works so well in a modern platform.

Enjoying: the anticipation…

Waiting: to pick up my next film that is being developed…my first attempt at using a TLR medium format camera wasn’t exactly a success so am hoping this one will be more successful!

Liking: early nights, early mornings…never thought I would say that as for many years it was late nights and reasonably early mornings.

Wondering: if I will ever met my running challenge of 5km before the end of the year…I can easily walk it, but can barely run 1km.

Loving: using my vintage Yashica Mat-124 G…I had forgotten that film cameras could be so challenging, yet fun!

Pondering: on what scanner/digitiser I can get so I can get my images from negs to computer…always up for a new gadget.

Watching: the weather reports for up north…looks like we will get rain for at least part of our holiday but it will be hot!

Hoping: my new very strict diet will alleviate my Functional Nausea for once and for all…over six years is long enough to be suffering from constant nausea…still no Easter eggs or hot cross buns for me.

Needing: nothing…

Smelling: the damp smell of Autumn

Wearing: my new fancy silver sneakers…found on sale at a Ted Baker factory outlet…


Noticing: the leaves are now starting to turn…it’s the one thing I love about this time of year…all the gorgeous colours!

Knowing: that nothing stays the same…life is full of changes…good and bad…

Deciding: to remain a ginger…copper hair for at least another month.

Admiring: women who style their own hair and look amazing…my hair always seems to be out of control no matter what I do…it only behaves when my hairdresser weaves her magic on it like today..


Sorting: out what to pack for our trip…it’s a more involved process when you do daily outfit shots!

Buying: film…this turning out to be an expensive hobby!

Getting: excited…only a short time before we fly away!

Disliking: the fact that the list of what I can eat without getting sick has got shorter…looks like I am now fructose intolerant as well as lactose.

Opening: parcels from some awesome Australian labels who are giving me the opportunity to promote their designs!

Feeling: a bit better…the higher dose of Thyroxine has given me more energy…I don’t feel like sleeping all the time.

Hearing: the F1 cars currently racing round Albert Park…and a jet plane or two…

Snacking: on Mary’s Gone Crackers…one of the few things I can still eat!


Do you do a Taking Stock each month? Share your link in the comments below….