The weather is getting warmer, and it is time to brave it…time to find a suitable pair of bathers!

I hate trying clothes on at the best of times…I prefer to buy and hope everything fits…thank goodness for “Returns or Exchange”!

Trying to find bathers that fit, that are comfortable yet stylish, is my idea of a total nightmare!

For the last few years, we haven’t been able to make it to the beach for various reasons…..and when we did, the weather was bad. So no bathers have been required!

And in past years, I was much thinner…pre Thyroid issues….but even then I still had a fear of shopping for bathers!

But now, no excuse! I am determined to get a swim or two in this summer, and enjoy getting out on the beach like the old days!

I mean, who wants to miss out on days like this….


So it is with great trepidation, I braved the shopping centre and wasn’t leaving until I have found a suitable pair!

And it was as bad as was expected….

I decided I had to try some on to get the right sizing….how depressing and I immediately regretted it! Mirrors in all directions, too warm in the changing rooms, and trying to pull on bathers….arrrrgggghhhh!

I know I definitely don’t have the body of a model but I just wanted to get back into my clothes and make a run for it. If I ever needed a reminder that I need to get this body back into shape, this was it!

But luckily, I discovered some bathers that fitted beautifully…at the last place I expected to find them…Target! And they were on sale…bonus!

If you want to know what I got….they are called appropriately “Love Your Assets by Sara Blakely”.

Not exactly loving my “assets” right now…wish there were less of them! But at least I have found appropriate attire for those perfect warm summer days on the beach!

So that nightmare is over for at least another year…I think I will go the online route next time…it is just too traumatic!