Another Christmas is over…and I have to say, we had a really lovely day!

This is what we did…the day started by getting up early to take the furkids for a long walk…


Which included a run for my fitness fanatic husband, and our furry pocket rocket…


Headed back to the house, and then went down to the main road for a Christmas Tradition of mine…to watch the local Santa come past on a fire truck.


I may be in my forties, but for some reason, I have to make sure I see him go past if we are down the coast for Christmas…it’s a weird superstitious thing I have.

With Santa sorted, it was then time for presents…we all got spoiled…more on that later…but I think the furkids had the most fun!

They knew exactly what to do…


It was then time to quickly get ready, and pick up my father in law who was joining us for Christmas this year…we took a detour to where my mother in law is buried…to wish her Merry Christmas..


Picked up my father in law and headed home…we don’t usually travel anywhere on Christmas Day, so was surprised at how busy it was on the roads…


Got back safely, and popped into my aunt’s to wish everyone there “Merry Christmas” before heading home to prepare our lunch!

As my parents and us are all on variations of Paleo diet, we didn’t have a traditional Christmas lunch…instead we had build-your-own steak skewers…


Which were cooked beautifully on the BBQ by Dad…


Dessert was a big platter of berries…I had forgotten how much I love fresh raspberries…heaven…


The weather played nice which meant we could eat outside and enjoy the sunshine…it was a perfect Christmas lunch!


We gave Mum a big box of tea from Tea Tonic, so we had great fun choosing which ones to have…like a box of assorted chocolates, but tea!


I was a little overdressed for our casual Christmas, but loved adding some retro glamour by wearing a gorgeous dress from Minette’s Vintage, complete with a red petticoat underneath..and no shoes!


A walk was required after all that food, so we wandered up to the local cemetery, to “wish” the various members of my family who are buried there Merry Christmas…it is not something we usually do, but it just seemed right this year…


It was then time to collapse on the couch for a bit of a relax…although little Miss decided to test out all the new toys…loudly…


Reset the table inside as it got too windy outside, and enjoyed a relaxed dinner of cold meat and salad…


And later in the evening, it started to rain…complete with a beautiful sunset…


And that was our wonderful Christmas – a fun day spent with family, a day full of laughter, love, sunshine and good food!

How was your Christmas Day? What do you do?