Today I did something I have never done before…I met up with some people who I had got to know online!

Now before you start thinking I have been hanging around in online chat rooms…I was meeting fellow “pupils” who are doing the blogging course that I am currently doing… an online course run by the fabulous Pip who writes at  Meet Me at Mikes

When it was discovered that a group of us are based here in Melbourne, a “date” was arranged for this morning.

It was kind of weird walking towards the meeting point as I have never met any of these people before…what did they look like…how were we going to recognise each other…what would we talk about?

Plus meeting new people is not something I am very good at…I am absolutely hopeless with names…and I tend to ramble on too much…sorry ladies!

However, I really wanted to do this…to meet people who like me, have become a little obsessed with blogging and all it entails…but I will have to admit I was quite nervous.

But all was good, and the five of us made contact and settled in to a cafe to talk blogs….and life….and everything in between!

There was coffee..


And tea….thank you to the lovely lady who paid for mine…I owe you one for next time!


Plus crafty discussions…


As I sat listening to everyone happily getting to know one another, I thought how amazing…we were strangers until we did this course…we “met” online because of our want to learn more about blogging…yet here we are chatting like we have known each other forever.

And even though we all come from different backgrounds, and had different views, likes etc, it wasn’t long before we found we had things in common apart from our love of blogging…..I even found a fellow tea drinker!

Blogging GroupAnnette H, Julie G, Julie H and Michelle B.

Blogging GroupAnnette H, Me, Julie H and Michelle B.

This is a part of blogging that I didn’t expect, and I certainly wasn’t thinking that this would be a fabulous benefit of doing a course….thanks Pip!

The morning sped past, and before I knew it, I had to say my farewells and head back to my ‘real” job.

I am hoping that this is the first of many ‘”dates”, and some strong friendships can grow…all from signing on to do a blogging course!

Already looking forward to the next one!