Today I am posing a question for you all….long hair after 40….yes or no?

This question has arisen as I am beginning to realise just how long my hair has grown!

It’s funny because I have spent ages letting it do its thing, that I forget that it is slowly growing…and now I officially have long hair!

It doesn’t feel that long….until I catch it on something…

Long hair

I am also guilty of never doing anything with my long hair…I rarely put it up….I just leave it down and straight.

Although I have had a couple of opportunities this year to have some retro “updos” done which I have loved!

Most of my friends now have short hair…there are only few of us with longer hair.

Maybe it is because I don’t have kids….I have the time to dry it, and I don’t have little fingers trying to pull it out of my head!

But now I am well into my 40s…I am beginning to wonder how long I will grow it, and how long before I give it the chop….

Because there does seem to be a bit of a social standard that as you get older, your hair gets shorter!

Don’t get me wrong…I love shorter hair! I have had everything from a pixie cut…ie very short….through the reverse bob.

However I have always loved longer hair, and have even suffered through having extensions…twice….to avoid the growing out phase!

Be assured that I am not intending to cut any of it off any time soon…thankfully, my hairdresser will not allow it and says if I ever ask, she will send me away to think about it for a week!

It has taken me years to get to this point, and I am reminded how lucky I am to still have it…when I had the undiagnosed thyroid problems, I was losing it by the handful.

And then when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, my first thought was OMG, I am going to lose my hair….I am still wondering why that was what worried me the most at the time but I am guessing I didn’t want to think about the life vs death question at the time.

Almost a year after diagnosis, and I have so far not needed any treatment apart from surgery, so my hair is recovering and is even becoming a little thicker!

Long hair

So, what do you think…shall I just say to hell with it and keep growing it…or should there come a time to “grow up” and cut it shorter…

But age is just a number…right?