Over the last few months, we have heard news of friends and acquaintances who are now fighting cancer…that insidious, horrible disease.

And we lost a family member to cancer in November last year.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate…irregardless of age, race or colour…it’s like an invisible, silent hunter, striking at will.

Healthy people seem to be randomly struck down by these rogue cells, and are reduced to enduring the biggest fight of their lives…the fight for survival.

Some have already faced other major health issues, or have done everything humanly possible to prevent it, yet cancer appears…and you wonder why…why them?

We recently received the sad news that yet another friend has lost their fight despite every effort…heartbreaking…just heartbreaking.

I have had a brush with cancer…thankfully, it was a very, very brief acquaintance…and one which I never, ever want to renew.

Why did I get it…and why did I get that particular cancer…who knows…guess I won that lottery…

I was lucky when so many aren’t…but I will never shake the feeling that it will reappear…nothing in this world scares me more then that.

I just hope that one day, hopefully in the not too distant future, cancer treatment becomes swift and painless…and 100% successful.

Even better, I hope that cancer will eventually disappear… become a disease of the past.

Wishful thinking I know…but it just has to happen…one day.

Please do not undervalue your health…we are given one body and that body is to last you a lifetime…treat it well.

It won’t guarantee that you won’t get cancer, but being as healthy as you can may be the difference between living and dying.

You can buy many things, but you can’t buy your health back…do not put yourself at risk…believe me when I say you will miss it if it’s gone.

And to all those who are currently in battle with the big C in whatever form, may you always be in the winning corner, and win the good fight.

Kick that damn cancer to the curb where it belongs!