A little while ago, I was taken aback by someone saying I was too cheerful…that I always seemed to be able to counter balance their negativity with something positive, even if very small.

These comments made me think…is it possible to be too happy…and is it wrong if you are?

Sadly, that person has now decided that they don’t want to know me anymore…which is their loss as this isn’t going to make me change, and become like them.

You want to know why?

Because life is too short to continually dwell on every little bad thing that happens.

Because I have been through some very difficult times, and I want to enjoy the fact that I made it through and become even stronger.

Because I shouldn’t have to be miserable just because someone thinks I should be!


I have always been a glass half full kinda girl…I try to see the positives, however slim, and believe me, they have been very slim in the past.

But I must make it clear that just because I am cheerful, doesn’t mean I don’t worry…lordy, I worry with the best of them.

I spent a very stressful couple of years, looking after my husband who was dying…but after fourteen months on the waiting list, he got the donor liver he so desperately needed, and hasn’t looked back since.

But I worried every minute of those years, never knowing if he was going to collapse, or whether an infection would be fatal.

I have always been terrified of getting cancer…and then I did…but I was able to avoid any further treatment apart from surgery…actually, to be honest, I still worry about the big C…

I worry when I have to eat out due to severe food intolerances that can make me severely sick within 20 minutes.

I could go on…but worrying does not mean I am miserable…I choose to be happy!

It does help that I lead a very good life…I have a loving husband, two cute furkids, a roof over my head, food on the table, a job I enjoy…the list goes on.

Some people may take that for granted, but I don’t…ever…because I know how things can change in a split second.

So I am not going to apologize for being who I am…everyone deserves to be happy, and so why can’t I be?

And who needs negative nellys in their lives…I surely don’t!

How do you handle negativity? Do you choose to be happy too?