Well, that’s what I do nowadays!

Not everyone is comfortable sharing when things aren’t going right, but I have found some comfort by blogging about what I am going through.

And the home for all my ramblings is Zinc Moon…my very own corner of the internet!

It is really like a therapy….and somehow, by putting it into words AND publishing it for the world to see, it seems to make things a little less scary…..even if not many people read what I have written…

Regular readers will know that my husband and I have had more then our fair share of health issues…and you would think that life would give us a bit of a break so we can leave hospitals, doctors, appointments, tests etc etc behind us.

But that doesn’t seem to be our lot…so its a case of suck it up, and face it head on.

And then hopefully, the curve downwards will start to head upwards….and we will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.

When we were waiting in emergency on Sunday to see if the medical staff could find out what was making me feel so awful, I found that by blogging about it, it kind of kept the fears under control…like it was happening to someone else.

Now I know this wouldn’t work for everyone, but this outlet has been just what I need…in fact, I wish I had started it when my husband was so sick.

Because sharing our dramas makes us feel less alone…we have comfort that there are people out there who care about us, and are there is help if we need it.

And sometimes, receiving a kind message of support is enough to get through the day…I must admit I have shed a tear or two when reading the lovely messages people have sent through.

It gives me strength to keep going and fight these issues, and get out the other side!

And hopefully, by writing about it all, we can help others who might be experiencing a similar situation.

So if you are going through a bad time..health wise, emotionally etc….try writing about it…write in a journal privately, or even set up your own blog like I have here.

You might find it not only helps you through the tough times, but it also might help someone else too!

Do you find it helpful writing things down…or have you found comfort in someone else’s story?