As you all know, I am getting a little obsessed with all things vintage….sorry about that!

But I have decided to focus a little more on finding some staple vintage items for my wardrobe, rather then going shopping with no direction.

And it makes it a bit  more exciting…the thrill of chase so to speak!

It doesn’t mean I won’t grab something that is just so perfectly “me”, but it will hopefully prevent me falling into my usual trap of buying something for the sake of it…less is more!

Which is where my husband comes in…he has a surprisingly good eye….if he says something doesn’t look good on me, he is almost always right…so much so that I don’t trust buying clothes if he isn’t with me!

So, today I have put together a list of items that I want to add to my vintage wardrobe…and here are the current top five…

Vintage List

Dress from the 1930s…

I wore a couple of dresses from this era while doing the styling shows at the Melbourne Quilt and Craft Fair a few weeks ago…I loved how the fitted waist and longer skirt suited my shape…

I have to admit that I only fitted into this blue dress with the aid of a cinching corset…..but shhhh… don’t tell anyone……

On Stage

A 1940s Two Piece Suit....

Not sure if I am a bit curvy for this style, but I am hoping I might be able to find one that fits me! I love the streamlined look with a fitted jacket!

Some funky 60s shoes…

I recently bought a gorgeous 60s dress full of bright colour…need some appropriate shoes to wear with it, especially when the weather gets warmer!

Maybe something like these fabulous yellow shoes…I love yellow!

Yellow Mary Jane ShoesImage Source : Unknown


I have just bought a modern pair of jeans as I needed something other than dresses to wear in this freezing weather….but I would like to add a pair of vintage pants or even vintage jeans…

I have yet to try on any so have no idea where to start or what era I should be aiming for….any suggestions very welcome!

I loved these green ones seen on our last visit to Vintage Garage….but I am guessing they won’t fit me…and they would be way too long as I am rather short…..

Green pants

Tops ….

I need to find some tops which I can wear with skirts/pants/jeans…once again I am not really sure what direction to go in for this so it might be a bit trial and error with this!

As luck would have it, there are a couple of vintage shows coming up in the next few weeks in Melbourne, so I will be prowling the stalls…with list in hand!

However, if you see any of the above in my size, please let me know!!

What is on your vintage wishlist?