I love words….I love the way they sound…and the sometimes obscure meanings!

During my time at university, I briefly studied phonetics as part of one of my degrees….and in hindsight, I would have loved to have done linguistics as well.

So when I came across this list on the website, Buzzfeed, I was fascinated!

Here were 27 words I had never heard of before…they have all disappeared from the English language over the years.

So for My Friday Five this week, I choose five from this list that I think definitely should be returned to our vocabularies…pronto!


1. Groak

This word silently watching someone who is eating….hoping for an invite! It’s origin is unknown!

I have two furkids that groak whenever I am eating…in fact, groaking is a common occurrence in our house!

2. Twattle

Twattle means to gossip, and it’s orgin is from way back in the 1600s!

And I definitely know a few people who love nothing better then a bit of twattle…in fact, twattle is somewhat of a pastime for many…actually, to be honest, I don’t mind a bit of twattle myself….in small doses of course!

3. Curglaff

This word actually fills a gap in my vocabulary….it means the shock you get when jumping into freezing water….in other words, one word that covers a whole sentence!

Its origin is from the 1800s…and curglaff is something I avoid doing at all costs, even in the middle of a hot summer!

4. Brabble

Now this word is definitely useful for modern times….it means to argue loudly about something inconsequential, and it’s origin is in the 1530s!

I am sure we can all think of someone who loves to brabble….

5. Lumming

This word means heavy rain and was used in the early 1900s….I fear the weather report for Sunday indicates a fair bit of lumming on the way!

 So what do you think? Could you use any of these words in your day to day vocabulary?

To read more of the obsolete words on Buzzfeed’s list, click here!