This week saw the 6th month anniversary of the birth of Zinc Moon…this blog opened for business on the 31st October 2013!

I have to admit I started Zinc Moon with no real plan or ambition…I am a bit impulsive that way…jump in with both feet, and either sink or swim!

However, as the days…then weeks….then months passed, I have realised that blogging has become very much part of my life…it looks like I am definitely swimming…not well, but hopefully getting better!

Yep…I love being a blogger!

So what have I learned in the past six months…

5 things I have learned

Blogging is addictive!

I didn’t set out with the aim to post daily, but somehow it just feels right….and I guess that means I am addicted to writing!

I now carry a notebook with me at all times as I never know when an idea or inspiration might hit…and my memory is terrible!

And I have to restrain myself from checking the blog’s stats too often…it can make my day to see lots of page views, but it can also bring me down when no one is visiting and reading…the self doubt creeps in…


Blogging is time consuming!

Planning and preparing daily posts takes time…sometimes a lot of time…it is hard work to try and make sure each and every post is worthy of seeing the light of day!

I do work full time, but don’t have kids, so I do have the luxury of being able to devote part of the day to blogging…but unfortunately I am not good at utilizing this time to the fullest…

One issue is that I still haven’t got myself into a proper routine…and I need to embrace scheduling more, particularly on busy days!

However, I have finally got a blogging planner happening, and am now planning over a month, rather then just day by day!


Blogging can be expensive!

Now I don’t actually mean the cost of setting up and running a blog…that’s a separate story entirely…I am referring to what I call my blogging “research”!

I love exploring our neighbourhood and beyond to find fabulous shops…the only trouble is I keep finding fabulous things that I just have to have!

I mean a girl can never have enough dresses, handbags, shoes, gadgets….oh lordy….


Blogging brings awareness!

Because I am always on the look out for things to write about, I have realised I have become much more aware of whats happening in the world around me.

And its also affected my husband too…he will often suggest topics that he thinks might be good for my “zinc thing” …love that man!

This new awareness has meant that we take more notice of shops and cafes when driving through unfamiliar areas…as well as keeping an eye out to anything new appearing near home!

I peruse magazines and books, I scour the internet…I never know what might catch my interest!


Blogging is rewarding!

This is something I never expected when I started blogging back in October!

And by rewarding, I don’t mean in financial terms…I wish….

I am referring to the fact that both my husband and I have met wonderful people, had a ball exploring new areas and places, and got out of our comfort zone to try new things.

It also gives me the excuse to indulge my love for photography…and tea!

I have also discovered that I love writing…something which I never really embraced even after doing three uni degrees, including a 40,000 thesis! The difference is I can now write about what I want, when I want!

And that in itself is so rewarding!

We have had a fair share of health issues over the last few years, and it would be easy to hide out, lazing on the couch. Blogging has given me the drive to get out of the house and get back to living again..and I am very lucky that my husband is more then happy to join me on my adventures!

What a team!

So what does the next six months hold…will I be able to keep up the pace?

Who knows…but at the moment I am hanging on and enjoying the ride!