Bit of a rant for my Friday Five this week!

I am usually a fairly calm driver, but there are a few things that stir me up when out on the road…

My Friday Five






Saying Thank YouI have written about this before, but why don’t people “wave” thank you? You sit patiently to let them through, and they sail past like you don’t exist. This is a major pet hate of mine. When did people become so oblivious that they can’t “say” thank you”….





Tailgating – I drive a low car…if I can’t see your numberplate, you are way too close. I am definitely not a slow driver…ask my husband…but I am not going to break the speed limit because you drive like a maniac!

I have been known to touch my brakes and give a tailgator a total fright…one nearly wiped out the car next to him but somehow I don’t think he would have learned anything!

However, usually I will move over, and let you go past, and keep my fingers crossed that there is a speed camera up ahead….and I bet that I will end up behind you at the next set of lights anyway…





Turning Wide – if you are turning left into a side street, you do not need to swing out wide…unless you are driving a large vehicle like a  bus or truck.

Normal sized cars, even big 4WDs, are perfectly capable of turning without taking a couple of cars out in the next lane…the scary thing is I don’t think these drivers even know they do it!





Missing the Lights – this can make me particularly mad…if you are the first car in the que at the lights, waiting for the turning arrow to come on…this is NOT the time to check your phone, start texting, do your makeup…go to sleep!

Seriously…pay attention!





Pushing In – now there are legitimate reasons for having to merge, but what really irks me are that drivers that pull out of the waiting line, and come up the inside, pushing their way back in again when they reach the parked car or whatever it is that is blocking the lane…..all just to get a few cars ahead.

This happens almost every afternoon on the road I drive home on from work…so tempted to block them but I value my car too much…

What drives you mad on the roads?