Perfect SpaceImage courtesy of Betta Living

I work from home for part of the week…something which I first had to do when I had to become my husband’s full time carer before his liver transplant.

Technology has meant that I can do the majority of my work offsite…thank goodness!

Because I actually love working from home…I can concentrate without interruptions…apart from emails and the occasional phone call..

And there is something peaceful about having two quietly snoring furkids comfy on their beds nearby!

Plus on beautiful Melbourne days like it is today, I can open up the house and let in the fresh air and sunshine…something I am unable to do when in the office!

But I am still having trouble finding “the perfect space” for me in our house…

We have only been in this place around 8 months, so am still getting the feel of it.

Its small, but has character, and we love it!

I started off taking over one of the spare bedrooms as my office…there is lots of light, and I can open the windows up for fresh air.

Unfortunately,  the image above is not what the office looked like…I think I would be heaven if it did!

But having a separate office only worked for the first six months or so…then I found myself working more and more at the kitchen table….

This need to work in the main living area is nothing new…for some reason, all through school and uni, I have found it hard to work in total isolation…I did my best work at the kitchen table…amongst the usual family chaos!

I used to spend much of my time hauling my books etc down from my perfectly good desk in my bedroom, to take up residence on the table, then have to haul it back upstairs again when Mum wanted the table clear for dinner.

And it looks like old habits die hard…luckily its now easy to move my work station…I use a Microsoft Surface Pro..a very portable tablet!

Although there is only my husband and I living here, plus the furkids, I don’t want, or need, to be shut off in a room, no matter how nice it is!

Today, I gave in, and moved my large computer screen onto the table…not sure what my husband is going to think of this!

And I hope he is feeling strong on the weekend….there is moving to be done!

I now have plans to make the office back into a spare bedroom, and use the third smaller bedroom as a storage room…for when I need to pack everything up and out of the living area.

Lets hope I finally settle into my “perfect space” this time!

Do you work from home? What does your home office look like…I would love to see it!