OMG Winter has hit here with a vengeance…the wind has been so strong over the last two days that I thought we were going to lose the roof…and our very dodgy back fence!

But this morning, I had to brave the weather and go to our local shopping centre to return yet another iphone case…not because I didn’t like it……it broke!

A nasty storm front was heading our way so I wanted to be as quick as possible!

But I digress…what I want to tell you about is one of the best high speed shopping trips I have ever achieved!

I was out and home in just over an hour including the 10 mins or so driving time!

So what did I manage to do in this short time?

First…..returned the broken iphone case…thank you to the helpful guy at Dick Smith who gave me a full refund with no issues!

Second….wanted to grab the fab pair of gloves that I saw a store called Dangerfield last week…I was cursing that I didn’t get them when I saw them, as I definitely needed some gloves on a day like today!

Happily, they still had a pair in my size….and I was very good, no browsing while I was there!

Love the heart cutouts!


Third…this one I admit wasn’t on my initial list but as I rushed past, there was no one waiting…so I had my eyebrows threaded again. Its been about 5 weeks since I last had them done. A few minutes later, I was looking all neat and tidy again!

Fourth….realised I had better find another iphone cover as I would be busy for the next few days and wouldn’t have time…and I didn’t want my sexy shiny iphone damaged!

Now I have been surprisingly fussy about choosing a case…the one that broke was ok, but I didn’t love it. I picked one of those mobile kiosks that are everywhere nowadays, and had a quick look at a few, hoping to find something quickly.

Wasn’t looking promising till I spied a red and white striped one…it had a front flap…tick…

Phone cover

The inside was black…tick….I loved the red…tick…

Inside cover

But the best bit…you can take the inner bit out if you want and voila….a case within a case!

iphone Case

How cool is that! I am relieved to say I think I have finally found THE case!

Fifth…now once again this was not on my list, but I happened to spy out of the corner of my eye that Wittner Shoes was having a sale.

I had heard about their boots that came in various leg widths, and as someone who has always had trouble finding boots to fit, I did a quick detour.

Was quickly scanning the boots to see if I liked any, when the salesgirl came up to me and said they have just now been reduced to $129 just at that moment….from $269.95!!

Quick as a flash, I tried a pair on…fitted perfectly in size and calf width….paid and was out of there!

What a total bargain!!!


Rushed back to the car, and made it home about 15 minutes before the gale force winds strengthened again.

I am now feeling rather proud of myself…maybe I should always shop with a time limit…and a list!