I have put on weight…not much, just 4kgs…but it’s worrying me.


I know many people struggle with their weight, and have much more to worry about then me, but it seems whenever my weight changes, it signals that something is not right.

I lost a heap of weight before we realised that I was severely lactose intolerant…eating not much at all will do that.

I put some back on as we slowly worked out what I could and couldn’t eat.

Then seemingly over a few weeks I lost it all and more…now we know that it was because my thyroid was in overdrive.

I became the skinniest I have been since school, and I must admit I liked it…being hyper is not good for the body, but hell, you get a lot done!

Then as my husband got sicker, my weight crept back up again…till I was the heaviest I have ever been.

I put it down to stress at the time…on alert 24/7 and not much sleep…but we found out later it was mainly because my moody thyroid had decided to stop working…and develop cancer.

Sorted all that out, and my weight dropped back down to what I feel is my perfect weight.

And it is been stable for a couple of years…until a few months ago.

Now some of my gorgeous vintage outfits are a little tight on me and I am hating that…vain and superficial I know…it is like they are mocking me from their rack.

But deep down I am worried…what is my body telling me this time?

Even though I had a very brief brush with thyroid cancer, the fact that I had cancer at all weighs heavily on my mind.

But instead of leaving things in the hope that it will improve which I am prone to do, I am taking action.

I am making a checkup appointment with my cancer doctor and I already have an appointment with my neurologist.

I am going to utilise my Fitbit, and get my sorry butt up and moving more.

Thankfully, our diet is excellent…no sugar, no wheat, no lactose…so I don’t need to worry about that side of things.

But I do just hope that maybe it is all down to eating too many of these…so addictive…vegan, raw caramel slices…I am now restricting myself to one every two weeks…


Have you had your thyroid removed? Do you have trouble with weight issues?